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Yeah, I am going to go with a new look for my site.  I am going to revert more to back how I started.  I think I like this theme with the two columns and the over all casual look.

I am going to change up the site as my life is changing up.  I guess as life goes so comes change and since this is the site of my life.  It should change as I change.

I have a lot more work to do with this look, but I am going to leave it a work in progress instead of using my test site like I usually do. You will see changes everyday probably for a month or two if you check back all the time. 

Colors will change the images will change the title will change everything will change basically, but the history of this site will not, you will always be able to go back and read about my experiences as a bus driver.

My last day is Friday the 15th, so you will continue to read about it for this week.

The 18th is my first day as the receptionist, manager, etc. for an insurance office.  This office sells Nationwide policies exclusively, so you will read about my new experiences with this as we go as well.