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20080101_02302p I woke up late today, of course I was up late last night about 3.  I got up just sort of droggy.  Well at 12:30 Kyra went to her bed and fell asleep.  I saw that and crawled into my own bed and out I went.  I had the pulled pork and kraut lunch planned at 1, we were going away for it.  Well, we didn’t wake up until 3. 

Yeah, Kyra slept even more.  When she woke, it was me waking her not her waking on her own.

We did get baths today in that little time we were up.  We still smell all nice though we did so little today.

20071230_02203p We watched TV for awhile and ate lunch in front of it.  I do wonder if that too close to the TV theory about it being bad for your eyes is true, but I wonder this as I sit 20 inches from my computer monitor, so who knows.  LOL…

20071230_01312p We played dolls for awhile.

Kyra is getting smarter and says the funniest things sometimes.  We always smell each other and go stinky while squeezing our noses when we get in the bath.  Today we got out of the bath and decided to smell me.  She smelled and went yum, mommy smell like soap.  It was pretty funny.

She calls everything a cutie too.  It is comical.  She is always calling Deuce a cutie.  Her babies are cuties, when she does something wrong, she looks right into your eyes and says cutie.  It is heart melting and comical all at the same time.  It makes it so you can’t be mad at her.

We went to Stephen’s and watched Tarzan this afternoon and Kyra went for a walk with Robin.  We are now home and I am exhausted even though I have all that sleep behind me.  I think I will still sleep well.  Have a great night.