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nicemattersaward_2 From under the clutter, I get this award! She also says this about me: “She highlights a new blog every day.  It’s always nice when somebody recognizes your blog, and she’s constantly bringing the attention of her readers to new blogs.”

Here is my confession.  At one time I was considering myself selfish for not linking with almost anyone.  I went on a linking spree and linked into like 200 people in that one week.  I was loosing see.  Now, I have decided to keep just a small trickle of linking going on all the time, say up to 10 or so people a day.  I have found that I enjoy doing it as much as everyone else likes a link into them now and then.

Anyways….I am honored to be called “NICE”.  Woo Hoo!

So, as the tradition goes.  Here are the next in the nice award line up.  It is fun to follow some of these links tags all the way back to the beginnings.  This is a nice short one…so enjoy.

  1. Coming to a Nursery Near You – She is always nice, so it is that simple.  I guess, just look at this all 80’s wedding photo.  Isn’t she adorable as well.
  2. Mamablogga – She is all the time giving away stuff and her writing groups seems to be growing with leaps and bounds.  I always seem to smile when I read her stuff, so here’s a nice award to you.  I can’t agree more with her footer either, it says: “Some days I want so much more than what I have. Other days, I realize life doesn’t offer anything better than this.”  Oh how true is that….check her out.
  3. Lastly, I am going to go with Poorer Than You…because even though she is broke.  She is still ever so nice.  Plus, what is not nice about sharing money saving tips???

That is all I am going to award for today.  Thanks again “From Under the Clutter” for this very NICE award.