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I didn’t drive my car today.  Yeah, Stan got his blood work done again.  It must have been okay too because nobody called us.

My bus got serviced today, so I had to meet and switch busses during the day.  I piled Stan into my bus and off we went, so I went to the medical center with my bus on the way back.  It was 3 buildings down from where I went…so not out of the way.

So does it count that I didn’t go anywhere today??

We stayed home this evening and fed the horses corn stalks from the garden and apples.  I picked almost all the stalks out of the 4th row.  The horses loved it.  I was waiting on the lady that feeds them to come, but she must come late.  She may have been surprised that they had eaten there full and were not by the food. 

It was a great evening.  I finally feel like I had some down time and I think Kyra had fun too.  We were running around outside it was nice.  I was hoping the lady that owns the horses had came…I was going to convince her to get them out.

Well, I am going to keep tonight short here.  I am going to find a sponsored post to do though either for tonight or tomorrow.  Good Night.