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So the lady from the office of assistance has turned off Stan’s medicaid as of now until I get her these forms which she sent me a paper that said I have until the 9th to get her.  This morning, I put a rush on this and we went to the bank to get the last paper that I needed and I faxed them all over.  I called her and she has like a million questions, so I answered all those.  Hopefully she turns his coverage back on…well….I think she will.  She said he was easily within the coverage income wise.  That was that….

20070705_00103p I finally got Kyra to stick her tongue out at me.  I know this isn’t the most polite thing to teach your child, but I am proud.  LOL…

20070705_03505p It was sort of a miserable day weather wise here today, but when it all ended we went outside and splashed in the water.  This photo is of a jump with a successful landing.  We stayed outside for about an hour.

I finally got her in the house and she was jumping on the love seat chair.  She was sweating….I have never seen her sweat from physical stuff before.  She is like a bundle of energy and I usually go out first.

I have decided that energy is all given out equally, but we use it up based on our weight.  That meaning that since Kyra weighs only 26 lbs and I weigh something in the area of 150 lbs.. Her energy lasts 6 times longer than mine. 

20070705_03605p We ended with me jumping this tiny little baby on the chair with little tiny hops and Kyra doing full out launching jumps.  She is laughing hysterical the whole time.  I love that such things amuse her and that her amusement amuses me.  It is a vicious cycle.

I got almost no work done today.  It was just one of those days that floated away from me work wise, but fun with the girl.  I love those days more though, working sucks doesn’t it??  LOL…. 

I am going to bed now slightly early.  Good Night…