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So, the lady that takes care of Stan comes as she usually does.  Kyra had this little kitten like she has been dragging it around for 2 days now.  Well, this lady loved him.  I asked if she wanted him and you know what…she took him home with her.  The kitten has a home better than ours where he gets used and abused.  This lady has an 8 year old.   I didn’t really want another cat, since we have two and I can’t really afford the vet stuff it needed right now.  He is at a better place.

Kyra, I sat her on my lap and talked to her about it and she agreed, so she was easy to ask about it.  She handed him over to Lisa willingly and waved at him as he left.  She didn’t even cry or nothing.

We went on our afternoon route and it was rather uneventful.  I got home without going to the school extra or anything…it was wonderful. 

We came home, ate.. Stan had more medicines he needed.  I was sort of upset because I was at the pharmacy 2 days ago, but I got over it.  We went to the park while the pharmacy worked and that was fun.  I took pictures, but they are still on my camera and it is already past my new bedtime and almost my old bedtime.  Aaahhh! 

We came home and had plans of mowing the yard.  We mowed the yard half way and I noticed that Stan’s mower wasn’t running.  I drove mine around to find him passed out on the lawn mower, but it was off thankfully.

My neighbor was playing ball in the yard and I called him to help hold Stan on the mower while I called 911.  I got a glucose tablet and loaded his mouth up with it.  He was awake when the ambulance got here, but they gave him an IV of sugar. 

His sugar reading was 24 when I first tested, than 65 after I got the 3 sugar pills in, and then 39 when the ambulance people took it.

It is really scary when that happens.

I also talked to my neighbors about my goats.  I was asking them to help me take the to the auction on Tuesday.  It is really there last chance here…they are done.  Well, to my surprise.  My neighbors are interested in trying to get them to stay in there fence.  So, they are going to buy them from me and attempt to keep them in.  They will ultimately sell them if they can’t keep them in though.  These goats are like deer, I swear.

Anyways, I am going to bed.  I will post pictures tomorrow and I have my blog exchange post to write.  This month…I get to visit over at The Dana Files and write a post titled Dear Mr. President.  What a sticky topic huh??  I think I am going to write about his daughters wedding plans.  LOL…  I am not all that politically minded.  I think they are all crooks with not any one better than any other. Well anyways, you should check that out on Saturday and see what I wrote.  Dana is going to write her letter here.

Good Night.