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Well, I have officially lost my window seat now. Here is what is left on my desk.  All the extra stuff like the closet stuff will be brought down tomorrow, I guess.  The desk is going to the garage.

Here is my new location even though the picture is dark.  It is a pretty nice set up and I have to say even being here only a few hours.  This desk is much better design for a computer.  Everything seems to fit just a little better.  My cat can comfortably sit at my feet and my CPU box doesn’t stand out awkwardly.  I am going to like this move, I believe.

Here is Adam at his computer.  He is also at a new location, but we brought his desk and all down. 

I did my routes, they were extremely peaceful as two of the lesser refined kids were not riding.  They are off a full week, so this week should be extra smooth.

I had my toe doctor follow up appointment which was basically stupid.  He looked at my toe and said it looked good and I left.  It lasted all of 2 seconds and I got there right on time.  He took me within a minute or so of getting there.  We were in and out in under 5 minutes…amazing isn’t that.  My toe is looking good.

Here is just a random quick snap shot of some homes that were on my way home.  I was really taking of how nice the trees look with all there blossoms.  I have to take pictures really quick when Adam is with me, so there is basically little composition.  It is fun though and sometimes I am lucky with a great shot. This one isn’t so bad.  It was a beautiful day.

After my afternoon peaceful route, I went and got some more network cable.  I use Tony at JJJcom.  He always give me a good deal and he can do some great work in there and is a personal friend of mine for years.  Today he hooked me up with over 50 feet of cable, plugs for it, and the hooks to attach it to the wall, so it won’t roam around.  LOL…

Anyways, it was a pretty busy and successful day.  I love days like today.  Good Night…