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I don’t have any pictures from today.  It was a basic boring day.
I however haven’t posted in a few days, so I figure I need to do an update.
Yesterday I went to lunch with the other bus drivers.  That was fun.  It was my boss’s wifes birthday (She drives too.) , so we had a purpose.   It is fun to get together like that.  Kyra was a doll as she almost always is.  She loved eating the cinnamon roll things and she ate a couple pieces of lemon.  She makes a crazy face after eating lemon, but she just puts the lemon back in her mouth after.  It seems like she likes it.
The kid I wrote up the other day only got 3 days off the bus, so that isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
I made assigned seats for my elementary kids.  They just can’t handle the permission to sit anywhere.  I set them up so there is only one kid per seat until my last stop, granted I only have 3 stops and they are like 40 seconds apart.
Adam got his membership to the gym today.  We paid for a full year, so he can’t quit.  He promised me he would keep going.  He wants to get his weight down and is really doing quite well with the food portion of this plan.   I am getting him the personal trainer plan, so he gets some smarts to go with the gym pass.  He is going to have 10 sessions with the trainer.  She is about the fittest person on earth this trainer.  I wouldn’t want to look like her, but she is really fit.
I finally called my camera harness guy after pulling his information off of ebay.  They never answered my e-mails.  Well, I guess they are sending the strap today….  It is March and I am finally going to get the thing I bought in January.  Isn’t that sick??  Litchfieldsports on ebay sucks at follow up, they don’t respond to e-mails.  I had to call them.
I got these Premier Chocolate Baking Pieces at Bent and Dent.  I don’t know where they get some of the strange and off brand things that they get in there, but some of the things are great.  Well, these chips are Raspberry filled.  They taste better than most trouffles.  I love living so close to that store.
Well, there is a total mix up of topics, but that is my thoughts of the day.  I am going to bed now.  Night.