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Yeah, everything in my life was postponed due to bad weather.  I would have driven my bus though, so it definitely wasn’t my fault.  I was at the attorney’s office for my divorce and Adam was too, but nobody else was.

So hopefully they are there for the divorce tomorrow because we will be there again.

I have sat around all day though, catching up on just sitting around.  I put in 3 applications online which hopefully one will result in a job.  We will see on that.

I have noticed that my site is looking pretty pitiful and sad here lately.  My life as a whole isn’t all this sad and pitiful though.  I am still pretty upbeat for the most part.  I do still very much enjoy all the people in my life and that is the main part of life to me.  I have absolutely the best people possible in my life and it makes it all very easy to be upbeat.

I am going to rent a movie with Stephen tonight and I am probably going to just lazy the whole day and night away.  I am going to get the photos off my camera though tonight when he leaves and post some of the cute pictures of Kyra talking on the phone on here.  She is adorable and constantly wanting to talk on the phone.