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We went to the pool tonight for what I thought was open swimming. Wouldn’t you know…I show up on the only Wednesday of the whole month that there isn’t open swim? LOL…There was an elementary swim meet. I guess they only have one who knows… but we didn’t get to swim.

However, I failed to say a time when someone did go swimming. That was on Saturday. Here is a picture of Kyra after she decided it would be fun to jump in that pond you see in front of her in the picture. You can’t quite tell by the picture exactly how wet she was, but her shoe is light tan and pants are soaked do so much that her diaper weighed at least twice a normal version after she had used it. That water wasn’t super hot either, so I think the cold scared her. We got her back though and changed within minutes of this picture, this one is for the books though.

Today I made appointment to get estimate on kitchen floor. I think we are finally going to get that off that list I made way back when… well, back on July 17th when Adam and I were fighting a bit. Here would you like an updated version on how slow life goes in my house and how literally nothing gets done. The red text below is from that days posting, the black is the update.LOL Here you can go to it directly to read for yourself. Link

  • Empty the S turns in the drains, so our water goes down quickly. I get hair in the shower drain and if you take that off and clean and empty it, it solves the issue and our bathtub can stay clean. The gunch builds up on the side when the water is slow to drain. Done…Woo Hoo…
  • Hook the spring up on the door, so it closes all by itself. I bought a drill, so we are one step closer on this one. Still not done though.
  • New floor in the kitchen. (I know we keep putting this off because of money, but it needs to stay on list to ever get done.) Again…I made estimate appointment. We have a little more money now. Still not done though.
  • Air conditioner moved, so Kyra can have her room. Since he doesn’t seem to want to do that though, maybe we could move the office into that room and than leave it alone, either way would work. It just needs done. I got like 3 estimates on this. Still not done….
  • Paint the door again… we did paint it two coats, but then they peeled, so now we need to redo it. We did do this one, but it peeled again, so we need to strip the door and start over.
  • Paint the bedroom… I have the paint. He doesn’t like change and always says “What is wrong with white?? I say “What is wrong with yellow??”…If he said anything besides I don’t want to paint it, it would be better. We have lived here 5 years, it is time to paint some of the rooms. Honestly I don’t care what color, but just to paint them. I wish he would have an opinion, but he never does, so yellow is what I picked. Ha Ha get real. Paint the bedroom come on. We don’t really want to move all that heavy furniture do we?? Ha Ha….
  • there is more, but I just can’t think of them at this minute… they have been on the list so long. You sort of get used to things broken. Oh what the heck, lets just keep this list for a few more months. Why bother adding more things that will never get done onto it.

Well there you have it we are worthless pieces of crap. We stopped fighting, but we still do nothing that we say we are going to and everything that we don’t say we are going to. We are sort of backwards folks. How to turn us around?? If you have that answer let me know…

I am going to bed to think about this. How did I get into this anyways?? Night..