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My day was normal mostly. No bus fire, no taking kids back to school, no anything unusual except Kyra took a late nap. That is no big deal. She is more tired some days, like today.

Here is a picture frame that I made in my PSP program. I just made the frame. I am in a yahoo group that sends instructions on how to make these neat looking frames, so that is how I did it. I know super boring stuff here…LOL. I like doing them though and I guess I am not alone in that there is a whole group of us.

Kyra was really good today. She seems to be always good. She hardly cries ever now and is getting less. She has learned more to communicate other ways than crying which is good. I think I mostly understand what she is wanting when she does stuff. I think she will be talking soon. She is babbling with a little more sense and with definite tones. It is great.

She has almost got the high five totally down, except once she starts she just keeps giving you them. You say High Five and she hits anything as well. It doesn’t have to be a hand, but if the hand is up she will hit it.

I didn’t load any pictures into my stock pictures tonight. My ratio of pictures accepted seems to be going down though, with only 2/3 of them being accepted. I need to work on getting that ratio higher. I have some good photos to load here, so maybe that will do it. I would like to get working more on my studio stuff downstairs. I want to get a background hanger thingy, which for us will be a custom built one from lumber via Lowes. I have a plan in my head that should work. I have been reading about backgrounds and stuff and they don’t have to be as far away from a wall as I had thought, so that is good.

Kyra was so tired tonight, but I wanted to do other stuff than lay with her on the bed, so Adam put her to sleep tonight. He is good at it. He did it all summer on the nights I worked. Here is her final resting position though after he got her to sleep. It is funny. He rubs her belly til she goes asleep.

Well, that is all for now. Good Night…