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Today was the first normal school day since last Monday.  The snow and all blah has made the week sort of crazy.  Today was a special day though for a whole lot of students that are going to the new Intermediate School.  It was the first day of classes in this school.

For me though, as the bus driver.  It was more just a pain in the butt.  I now have to drive my elementary route to two different schools where I just dropped them off at one prior to today.  I know it is only around the block and all my times still aren’t changing basically.  It is just I am so not used to it and it is more…more is all.  I want less now, I guess with all my driving drama going on.  LOL….

Here is more pictures of Kyra.  I can’t figure out when I took these.  They must be from yesterday though because she didn’t wear these clothes today.  I didn’t load them out of my camera though until today.  She was really photogenic more than usual yesterday too.  Something was glowing on here…anyways. 

Here she is laying on the treadmill whispering unrecognizable stuff to her stuffed giraffe.

 After the conversation she does this…she does this all the time.  She covers her baby up with a blanket, covers herself up with a blanket (wash cloth in this case) and lays all of them down for a nap.  She has really been attracted to the treadmill as of hear lately, so this is on the treadmill. 

She then proceeds to pretend to sleep.  She will do this for long periods of time sometimes, you think she is really sleeping, but if you say “Kyra Kyra” or “I get you!” she will bust out laughing.

This is a fun game though.  LOL…. I love sleeping games. 

Here is the next one.  This one was taken this morning for sure.  She wore this white shirt today.  LOL…  This is that mean face I was telling you about that I taught  her that she uses frequently to make people wonder.  I love it.  It makes me laugh, but when she does it to strangers.  I think they think we are a bit strange.  LOL… What fun to teach your child to freak out strangers.  LOL…

Here is it again, but this time with the rain hat on.  This one is more of a bottom lip version.  She loves this rain hat wears it all the time. 

Anyways, there are the mean face pictures.  It is hard to catch her with the face on as she starts laughing after it usually.  This is the face you get though everytime you say the word “No” or “Hey” usually.

Kyra did really good today though being taken to the barn 5 times.  She is so good it is crazy that she is my kid.

Well, I have to get some work done here.  Bye…