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My life is essentially boring.  I’ve been missing Kyra this week while she is in Florida with her father.  I think they had a good time.  I know based on photos I’ve seen that Adam’s grandmother looks rather well.  I expected worse off I guess….I bet she was happy to have all the grandkids and Kyra down there to see her.  She hasn’t seen Kyra since she was 8 months old and wowsers now she is 4.

I went to the fair last night.  I rained like crazy, so I jumped in mud puddles.  It was sort of fun.

I ate at Knutes tonight, like I do most Thursday nights.  It is burger night, so pretty cheap.

I feel I’m getting sort of pathetic though as my life is so fairly predictable.  I need to mix it up a bit here soon as predictable is something that I don’t like in me.  I am hoping that the new scooter helps with the less predictable side of myself.  I like to be thought of as just slightly wacky, leaning towards the fun side of things though.  Yeah, it’s true.  I’m not really offended anymore although it did used to offend me when people called me strange. As I age, I just realized it is people jealous.

Anyways… that is all I have to say tonight.  Hope your having a great evening.  I think I’m going to bed early.