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Well, we had plans to see SweeneyTodd.  It didn’t really work out that way though.  My day was the typical boring day that I had wished for yesterday.  My water pipe was fixed about 1, so I got a great shower when I got back from my routes.  It was so nice.  LOL…

Kyra woke up really early at her dad’s, so he called and said he didn’t want to keep her that night.  Which was fine.  I had it all planned to get her on the way to the farm show in the morning, but I looked up where SweeneyTodd was playing and the closest place was like 5 minutes from him, so that turned into our plan.

Well, the movie started at 7:40, but about an hour away from us.  Stephen got home from work like 4 something, he had a side job to do though.  That took like an hour, so it was 5 something, than showers and that we didn’t leave til 6:30.  It was barely enough time to get there.  We both got there and the line was out the door, so we went and ate instead we were both hungry.  We were done eating like 7:50, but didn’t want to interrupt the movie. 

We went to ToysRUs and I finally got Haley her Christmas gift.  I looked at all the toys and couldn’t decided, so settled with clothing mostly because they ship easy.

I called, than went and got Kyra after this, so we were early.  We came home and she was asleep.  I put her in bed and it is almost 9 am now and she is still asleep.  I guess getting up early yesterday has gotten to her.

20070725_01405p We are going to the farm show today.  I like looking at all the animals and I am pretty sure Kyra will too.  I am in shock that Stephen has never been to the farm show in his life.  I lived over 4 hours away when I was a kid and used to come to the farm show almost every year.  Here is Stephen like 40 minutes away and he has never been there.  There are way to many people now, but it is still fun.  I think I will be exhausted with having to carry Kyra all day though.  Hopefully, she will let Stephen carry her some.

My college stuff is all still up in the air.  I haven’t exactly figured out what to do yet.  I think next week will be when I am going to HACC to see how my credits transfer. 

I also have an interview at CitiCorp which would be a good job and they pay college tuition, the only problem is it is about an hour drive and the hour is the opposite way of where Adam is, so it would be a 2 hour drive to get to Kyra.  I think I should rather get a job up in Harrisburg even if I have to drive a long ways, so I am closer to Kyra.  We will see how this works out though, I already have my mind set on not taking this job though.

Oh yeah, want to here the crazy part of CitiCorp.  They offer in house child care for there fulltime employees.  It is right in the building.  That is why I went there and applied anyways…other wise I never would have.  Well, it turns out that Kyra isn’t eligible for that childcare because she wouldn’t be there full-time (more than 32 hours).  She would be there probably like 15 maybe not even that.

Anyways, have a great day.  We are off to the farm show.