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Well, Kyra is now officially 17 months old. I have been married 109 months now. Life is good. Today was a great day, but a boring day. I am liking boring though. is the picture on the Christmas cards. I really hope that I get them in time to send ontime….I am going to be pushing it really close. I hope because I ordered 60 cards they will push it up and I upgraded to express shipping. I hope that means express production too, but who knows. got my first official bus driver Christmas gift today. I got a whole lot of good things last year and I was only a substitute (covering a maternity leave), so I drove everyday the whole month of December. I started my own route in January and this route in March of last year. I am thinking of not officially quitting my kindergarten route until Christmas vacation starts, which is end of next week. I will get a substitute for a few weeks even after I start my new job. I haven’t told my boss yet what I am doing.

Today basically nothing went on. We cooked pizza for super and played spin in the kitchen for a like 25 minutes. How exciting is that. Kyra didn’t take a nap at all today, so she went to be early at 7:00 tonight. That is okay though, she needs the sleep. I got her as tired as I could., here is another one of my attempts at her with the hat on. She really hates this hat as I must have 50 pictures of her trying to get it off.

I am going to go to bed early tonight, so probably in like 1/2 hour. Bye…