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I don’t know what to call today.  It was sort of fun, but sort of just all around crazy.  I had my route little kid changed by 5 minutes, so today was the first day of that.  It went pretty well though, there were a couple of kids who thought I was late in the morning not remembering that today was the day that I was going to start coming later.

I wasn’t all that early in the afternoon though because I kept stopping the bus because kids weren’t sitting.  It made me run about on time compared to the old times.  I hope the parents realized that this was the new late. 

I never did do my blog exchange this month  today either.  I signed up to do it, but it just didn’t work out we both didn’t start communicating until last week.  We both have no strong ideas on what to write about, so we both sort of sucked this time.  I was supposed to write with Erin though from The Looney Bin.  (Her site is great, though.) 

They gave 12 people assignments and left 4 of us out to pick our own…oh do I suck at that.  We are the only two that didn’t even attempt it, so boy do I feel bad.  I guess I won’t sign up if the topic isn’t selected prior.  This is just to much pressure.  LOL…

20071101_00303p We went for our monthly grocery shopping trip, so we won’t be starving anytime soon.  I got my car’s oil changed.  I got Stan some of his drugs at the pharmacy.  We ate tacos which are one of my favorites, but I don’t eat very often because I don’t go shopping for “fresh” stuff which those require..stale lettuce isn’t very good.

20071101_00404p Adam came after supper and got Kyra for the night.  He brought a girl with him which is pretty good.  I love how he sucks in his gut though for the photo which makes it look like he is holding his breathe and has been for 3 minutes.  She seemed very nice though, so I hope him the best of course.  He is keeping Kyra all the way to Saturday morning, so this is only the second time she has spent 2 nights at his house.

I than attempted to get busy cutting my clothes shelves in 1/2, but I didn’t get anywhere.  The saw we had wouldn’t work.  Kerry  and Larry are going to do it Tuesday, I think instead.  They are going to take them apart and put them back together.  It should be fun.

Anyways, I am off to bed early.  Well, is this early 10 pm??  I have to get up at 6, so my full 8 hours.  Woo Hoo….  Good Night.