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Today was very fun and very different from my normal days.  I firstly woke up tired, but was unusually energetic until about 1 this afternoon.

So we got up and left just like I was going in my bus.  I think Adam has Kyra’s shoes, as I couldn’t find them.  So we went and got her a new pair of shoes first thing.  It was pouring down rain when we left, so she couldn’t run around in socks.  It is getting cold here too.  I hope there are more warm days coming though just slightly warm would be nice.

We were at this swap from 7:30 until 3:00.  I collect admission every year.  It is actually wonderful.  I took Deuce and Stan with this year, so we were all there.

It is wonderful for me to be there though as I have done it so long I about know everyone that comes.  I had no idea that I knew so many people prior to today, but this was like over a hundred people and I knew them most.  It was like sinking in on me.  There are people from all over the country that come to the swap, but mostly come from within a few hours of course. Talking to them is sort of like talking to old friends, it is wonderful.  I have went to the swap for at least 4 years, but I am thinking 5. 

The swap is located on a fair grounds, but is only in one building.  There was some party for a little kid this year in the building next door, so we had some non-geology people come look at the rocks too.  I love to see new people looking at some of the specimens for the first time having never seen anything like that.  It was fun.

20071026_05111p Anyways…it is on a fairgrounds and I took Kyra and Deuce for a long walk/tour of around.  There was this little hill that Kyra was obsessed with, she kept sliding down it on her butt.  It was pretty funny.

20071026_05411p 20071026_05511p There is a creek that runs along the one side of it, that is really pretty.  More pretty in person than what my pictures captured though.  Kyra liked being down by the creek, I was afraid she was going to jump in it like she had been the puddles though.  So, we didn’t stay by it long.

We left and came home.  Kyra was taking her nap in the car and I didn’t want to bother her by bringing her to her bed, so I leaned back my seat right in the car and took a nap too.  We both slept until after 6.  It was wonderful.  The car was slowly warming up in the after rain sun.  It was nice…

I came in and watched some TV with Stan.  Checked my site over, and then did my first posts.  I am having issues with Kyra going back to sleep because she slept so long with me, so yes, she is still awake struggling to be so.  It must be hard being two.  I won’t have any trouble going to sleep.  This her not sleeping is making me slow to get this post done.  I have been working on it for hours, but stopping to go get popsicles, holding her, or to watch Barney for a few minutes.  It is crazy. 

I have some driver news articles to do, but I am going to go to bed instead. Have a great night.