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Yesterday was a typical Friday for me.  It was basically uneventful.  Adam has Kyra on Friday’s, so the day time is very relaxing.  I absolutely love Kyra, but I also like the time I have that she isn’t here.  She is getting more trying of my nerves as she gets slightly older.  She is about 1/2 independent and 1/2 not.  She doesn’t do a lot of the “terrible two” stuff though or the stuff I read about.  She is basically good, but always needs something.

Anyways, yesterday she was with Adam.  I didn’t have any away work to do, which is also something that I enjoy about the day.  Friday’s are usually one of my most relaxing days, so yesterday was no exception.

Stephen and I went to Olive Garden to eat dinner.  We had to wait well over an hour for a table, but it was nice standing outside waiting/talking.  He is pretty fun for me to talk with.  He is always telling jokes which makes me laugh.  He admits to studying them before we go, which is pretty cool.  I really should get some of my own to tell him next time.  I am a terrible joke teller though, so it would probably go terrible my joking.  I am not very funny generally.  I read quite a few jokes though with all the stuff that I read.

We finally ate. It was so good though, that it was worth the wait.  I wasn’t all that hungry when we got there either, so I ate more because of the wait.  I ate so much though that I don’t think I need to eat today.  Aaaahhhh!  LOL.. 

We left and went to get Kyra.  We were only about 5 minutes away from her though, so we got her.  Adam sort of met Stephen, but he was pretty rude to him.  It was okay though, we just left and that was that.  I am sort of glad that they sort of met.  Adam can stop asking me questions about him now that he has seen him.  I wasn’t rude to Adam’s girlfriend though, I guess the difference is I am not jealous of her in the least.  I want him to find someone to make him happy because I absolutely am done being that person.

We came back to my house.  Yeah, he spent the whole night here.  I walked him home this morning.  I got him to stay in bed late too which is something I think he rarely does.  He has to get up for work at 4, so he is an early riser.  Kyra slept in too.  We watched Sesame Street with Kyra this morning as a wake up which was sort of interesting.  I don’t think he has seen Sesame Street since he was watching it for his own entertainment.

Anyways, that was my Friday.  It was a good day.