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Well, the night before last. I think I had a heart attack. Adam came home from work after I was in bed sleep. He tried to kiss me. I must have been dreaming or something because I didn’t know it was him. He is lucky that he didn’t get hurt. I was awake on full alert the rest of the night. It sucked. I think I got like 2 hours sleep. Adam felt so bad too. I felt bad for him.

I did pretty good with my day though. The first day back to school, but my first day without my kindergarten route. The kids were all fired up. I learned about one girl learning the harmonica. I learned what some parents do when they are intoxicated. It was just a flurry of dirty laundry basically. I had to tell them to sit down at least 10 times which is about 7 times more than normal. I got home and started my other job and Adam was watching Kyra. This is what was happening. She likes my new chair. The one I bought because she won’t let me sit on the real couch. Well, he has had her everywhere on that thing and now she has a collection of toys that goes with her. What a spoiled girl. is her with her basketball hoop. There is no need for a ball, you can slam dunk just about anything here from on top of this stool. She especially likes slam dunking her babies. She also has done many stuffed animals and pillows.

I answered about 9 phone calls is all though, so not super busy with this. It is still better than driving though for this middle of the day time. am fascinated by my shrimp hatching. I know it is pretty boring to most people, but I am fascinated so I took pictures. It is like a high school science project that only you are interested in.

Here is the whole picture..the circle is a magnifying glass. This is in the 2 liter bottle upside down on the aerated base..see the picture I took the other day in previous post. The dark brown is the egg shells floating on the top of the water., look at this full scale section of the picture to the right. This section is cut from like right in the middle. The little sort of darker yellow slurry spots are the shrimp. They are just teenie tiny and moving like mad. They are supposed to sink to the bottom, but I think they are just hatching and slowly sink.

Ok, so I finished my driving for the day. We went to Waynesboro to do my HP job that I do once a month. I asked Adam to drive because I was so tired. Usually I just go by myself or go with Tom when he has job there too. Adam drove…I think I fell asleep some on the way down. However, we were talking. Adam has been doing this same exact job now for 2 years next week. He is figuring out his total miles driven in the 8 years he has drove. We figure it should just be about a million. He is just over a million or just under a million, depending on how we figure. I thought that was really great.

We did the job and came out. I decided to go ahead and do my other store, so we stopped to Sears in the mall after and I serviced there Sony stuff there. I can’t believe I did all that so tired, but I did.

I got home about about 8:30 and went almost straight to bed. Kyra slept on the way home so she stayed up late with Adam. I was out though like a light and 6 am couldn’t have came so quickly. It seemed like a finger snap in time. Well…that is all for yesterday. Bye…