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Well, it is official next month is school time.  Are you ready??  I am.

20070727_00306p It is also official that Adam moved out today.  It wasn’t nearly as stressful as you would think.  We each took a car load of stuff to his new place this morning.  I mostly unloaded it.  He put it where he wanted it. 

I met his neighbors and stuff.  I think he will like it there although it isn’t somewhere I would want to live.  The apartment itself is pretty good size.  It is two bedroom, has a living room, small dining room and small kitchen.  It is nice though.

 The part that I wouldn’t like though is that there are 19 other apartments in the same building and 6 other buildings that I counted each with 20 in them as well.  He is almost in the middle of the lot.

20070726_06406p I took photos of my aquarium today because it has been awhile.  It is looking above average for niceness.  There aren’t that many fish in it, since I had that last epidemic.  I still don’t know what exactly happened.  I have 2 sw ords in there now.  I got the bright orange ones.

20070726_06706pIt won’t be empty long though.  This is a photo of the new generation that is growing in all the green weed.  I think there are about 20 in there, but it is really hard to count the young ones.  Swords are semi-aggressive too and love eating the babies.  I hope they live though with only two adults in the tank, I think the chances are pretty good.

 20070726_05806pI took out a 1/2 bucket of weed yesterday when I cleaned it.  I gave that to Cathy to feed to her gold fish in her pond.  They love my aquarium grasses.

Kyra run around with Adam today, while Stan and I went to the doctors.  I swear we spend more time in the waiting room than anywhere else.  He got a good report from the doctor though, so he won’t have to go back for awhile.

20070727_02507pKyra sort of knows what is going on, but doesn’t have a full grasp of course.  Here she is playing peek-a-boo with me after Adam had left.  We got in the shower after this and she went to bed on the arm of the couch after watching her favorite purple dinosaur. (Barney)

The basement looks really nice now all totally decluttered with Adam having taken the majority of his things from what was down here.  I feel like there is an echo now.  He still has stuff like mostly clothes to get.  They took the bigger things though tonight with his brother and the truck.

I have to go shopping for a nice little single bed for Kyra.  I am also going to get me a new bed probably too.  I am going to leave my bedroom set upstairs in the bedroom.  It feels weird sleeping on it since it was the first thing me and Adam ever bought as a couple.  Adam said the same thing about it when I tried to get him to take it for his new house.  He really isn’t taking that much.  He says he wants to start fresh.

Anyways, that was my day.  I am ready for school to start which now I only have a month left or two paydays.  I count school as it goes by via paydays because I only have 18 in a school year.  It is easy to keep track first how many went by and then later how many are left.  The first one seems always to be the hardest one to get too.  I think for all of us. 

For me, I am broke all summer and then school comes and within the first two weeks there seems to always be that labor day break which pushes back our paycheck that much on our already broke budget.  They should really give us a “your back bonus” to hold us til the first one.  We seem to loose a driver every summer to something else or retiring.  Last year, I think we lost the most drivers since I had worked there.

Anyways, that was my day.  Good Night…