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Ok, so there is this little contest.  It is cool.  I will review the thinking blog.

I will show you my favorite posts on it like this one.  Can you believe that this cat is laying on the street?  I mean it got me for sure.  I love images and I would surely wish I had my camera on me if I saw a cat laying like this one the street.

Here is another of my favorites this one.  Yeah, Ilker takes on life longevity here.  I find this article great…I wish local newspapers would do some good stories like this.  It seems we only have bad news in our paper.  I stopped subscribing.

Here is what I love about the thinking blog though. 

  • I love the content first and foremost.  I think it is great and very well researched.  I trust it basically. 
  • I love the variety in the content as you never know what the next post will be about.  I am all about surprise. Here look at this post for example, yeah surviving quick sand.  Now, look at this post, which shows the PC side of the PC versus Mac saga. I like the last video best.
  • I love the little categories at the top of the theme, they seem to all be relevant to the posts as well.  You can see the variety in the categories as well. The same categories are located down the right side bar.
  • I love that this is a blogger blog.  I find this fact most fascinating.  I started out as a blogger blog.  LOL…that sounds funny.  You don’t see many fluid width blogs on this service and to me that fact alone adds credibility to me.  I love this fact as well because I use a 21 inch monitor and the site isn’t a 3 inch band down the center of my screen.

Ok, so there are some things I don’t like about the site…an honest review will always include these.

  • Ilker is like a genius.  Yeah, but he has an alien for a logo.  I guess maybe this is the girl in me, but this blog is far from out of this world.  It is straight planted on earth to me. 
  • More on the theme, he has fire. Now does he think aliens enjoy the company of fire?  I have no idea.  If you are going to have aliens, why not shining beams of light.  If you are going to have fire, why not little devils to go with it?  Aliens and fire don’t mix says me.  What I would really like is that pretty girl you use on MyBlogLog…she is beautiful.  She maybe a little too feminine though as any reader can tell this site is from the male perspective after a few posts.
  • I also don’t like the side bar.  It is so narrow, why?  On my large screen, it is like an inch wide.  It just looks silly…that and I have never clicked on a single link within it.  I think almost all the information found on it can be found in other places on the site except the advertisements, which TEXT ADS are great.    I hope you make well with them.  They are pretty far down though.

All that said, I do like the general look of the site.  The fonts are large enough and it is easy to read.  The frequent graphics make it pleasing to the eye. 

Ok, so there is my review…mostly good, but some bad.  Who doesn’t have bad on there site?  I raise my hand in the “I DO” category for sure. 

Now all you have to do is pick me to win because I gave a great honest review.  Heck, I even did the bullets thing…that should be worth extra points. 

Even if you don’t pick me though, I am still a fan of your site and a reader.