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This is a sponsored post!

  Online Lab Tests for just about anything and they come with the physician referral.  I always think it is stupid that you have to take that piece of paper in the lab to get them to stick a needle in your arm.  Yeah like people would go endure that without a doctor wanting it and even if they did who would care??

I think it is a great idea for lab results to be e-mailed to the patient and not the doctor.  I know someone thinks that people need this news broke in on them gently or whatever, that is all crap really. 

I want to learn I have a life threatening disease in the privacy of my home where I can think about it before I have to go out into public and drive my car again.  Doctors aren’t all that gentle anymore either.  I think people in the past really got to know their doctors.  I go to the doctor though and I just feel like I am part of the herd being run through and being branded as fast as they can get the hot iron to me.  The idea of getting private accurate lab results sent directly to me is very appealing.

They offer a complete line of testing:

As a bonus for people without insurance, there lab work is much cheaper than a traditional lab + doctors visit for the form. So, now you want to know how this works?? You go to one of there participating labs and have the actual collection. They will send it off for you like they would normally and you wait by your computer for the results. How cool is that??