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20071001_02805p Let me start with some photos from yesterday because I didn’t post them last night.  Here is Tom holding Kyra ever so gently.  It was a wonderful visit after the last one where I was so rude, but he says not…oh well.  I feel better now.

20071001_01205p The neighbors brought home a new kitten, so Kyra was playing with that.  We all know how she thinks about kittens.  The cool thing about this one though is, it isn’t ours.  We can pet it and give it back.

20071001_00204p She was also very helpful with the pig, she was with her dad all day and as soon as she got with me we were out feeding and watering the pig.  She really does help filling the water til over flowing.  I cleaned out the old water and we put all fresh, what a spoiled piggy.

Ok, so that leads today.

This morning I raised my voice on my high school route.  That is probably the first time in 2 years on that route as I have good kids and usually just tell one to stay on the bus when we get to the school to have private “behave” conversations and “that was the last time” talks.  Today…though I screamed.  I think the whole load was on full alert when I did too.  It is amazing.  LOL…

There was a student fighting letting another student sit in his seat.  Well, that is not something that happens because my bus is full.  FULL, so when that 3rd person says “slide” you do it.  There aren’t options for other seats.  This student was trying to not let him sit there and blocking and I raised my voice, “SLIDE IN” and then a few more words, not cursing of course.  Nice basically, but loud and angry sounding. 

20071001_00611p We went grocery shopping afterward, only got some essentials though.  Bananas are what it seems like we are always needing.  Stan is like a monkey with them, he eats one every morning.

I did my afternoon routes.  They went smoothly.

I have been going to get a dog ever since Adam left because I want one. (Adam doesn’t like dogs, so with him here not an option.)  Kyra would love one.  I think that one could possibly alert me better when Stan needs help (hopeful thinking).  I entered my application online at the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter a couple days ago. I was approved of course.  I am as gentle as a bird and take good care of my animals.

Anyways, I wanted a big dog that wasn’t a hunting howling breed.  I wanted one that would be somewhat lazy.  I, of course, wanted one that would be good with Kyra and my cat.

Well, I got one.  We went and visited him at 5 o’clock to see if we liked him.  Kyra almost immediately said “My dog”, which I was pretty much sold.  We walked him for about 30 minutes though and just were around him with Stan and Kyra and stuff.  We brought him home. 

20071002_01206a He is a Great Dane mix, but with what we don’t know.  He is housebroke and he came from a home that had kids.  He was given up by his previous owner for some roommate issues, not sure exactly.  He was immediately fine with Kyra welcoming her kind of attention really.

We went to McDonald’s for super with him because Stan has to eat at a certain time.  I hooked him to my foot while we sat in the car eating…that photo of him is while we were at McDonalds.  He didn’t beg for food or anything.  It was remarkable. 

20071002_00706a While we were there though, there was this flock of birds.  There were probably thousands of birds.  They were straight in front of us, probably 10 feet.  I have this dog standing there and they weren’t scared at all.  They all sort of landed and were drinking from this mud puddle.  I couldn’t believe it.

20071002_00409a I think he is at home though as this is what he looks like now. 

He is 8 months old, so still has some growing.  The name the pound had for him was “Lucky”, but he doesn’t come to it.  I think we are going to name him “Dexter”.  He comes running though when you whistle, so I wonder if I will ever really use his name. 

We walked a few dogs at the shelter as well.  It is amazing how nice the animals are that they have.  I have never had a shelter animal, but I think it is a good thing to get.  I am forever watching them on Animal Planet testing and such.  There are so many animals that need homes. 

The shelter we were at was over run with cats, cats everywhere.  I would have taken some of them too.  I think they should lower the price on them and they would have better luck though.  There are free kittens everywhere that people can pick up.  I know it takes a whole lot of money though to do all the vet stuff and spay/neuter all those animals, as well as feed them for however long they are there.

The dog we got had been there since August, so wasn’t a new arrival.

So, anyways that was my day.  Good Night.