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20070702_02905p I am probably posting to many posts here today.  I apologize.  It has just been such a day.  LOL….

I finally got over the garage and the shell shock of the bill.  I had a job to do this evening, so we all went.  I was going to go by myself.  I however dropped my family off at the Subway and went and did the job part by myself while they ate.  I ate on the way home.

This is Kyra hiding from me, while we were playing and is sort of a laugh snort thing. I love her nose wrinkles even though they aren’t that attractive from this angle.

20070702_01605p We stopped at the National Forest on the way home.  They have a peddle boat pond/lake/water element.  I have no idea.  LOL…  We stopped though and I took photos.  I like this one the best.  It is the “island” that you peddle your boats around and possibly stop at and have lunch if you want.  There is a table at it.  You rent the boats by the time frame, so I think they love when people have lunch out there.

20070702_02205pAdam was ready to go though, so I had to stop taking photos.  I could have been here all day.  I almost found that bull frog that kept croaking.  He had to be right under my face.

I am home now though and going to bed.  Good Night…my final post aren’t you relieved.  LOL…