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Here we are. Aren’t we cute each with our pacifier?? Kyra doesn’t really use a pacifier very often, but today was one of those days that she seemed to like it. Usually she sucks on the plastic handle instead of the rubber part. It is pretty fun playing toys with her.

I wonder if Haley has a pacifier. I should call them.

Oh, I wanted to comment on the Richard Hatch thing from Survivor. I commented that he should pay back 1/2 the money a few weeks ago. I can’t believe it they are going to send that stupid guy to jail. He is no threat to society. He is only a threat to himself. Jail, he will probably enjoy. He is already gay, so the isolation with only men will not bother him. I am scratching my head….Why put him in jail and let sex offenders run free with only a registration required.

Well, that is enough for tonight. Night. Posted by Picasa