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One of the other drivers in my district works part-time as a Pampered Chef consultant.  Well, her name is Lyn Hershey.  She is one of my good friends as far as the drivers go.  I am one that actually don’t talk to that many of the other drivers because my route times don’t allow and because I am always with Kyra.  I won’t walk around to much to talk because Kyra is almost always sleep in my bus.  Lyn comes to me and makes a point of it, which is always nice.

Anyways, anyways…she is a pampered chef consultant and she asked me to tell you all her website if you are interested in some of the pampered chef product line.  It is  

I have ordered a few products from them, but haven’t gotten them yet.  I ordered a crinkled french fry cutter and an apple corer.  I won’t use the corer anytime soon, but the french fry cutter maybe just the thing to get me back to making my own fries around here.  I am hoping it will work with sweet potatoes because Stan can’t really eat the white ones with his diabetes.

Anyways, go check it out and tell her that I sent you.  She will like that…LOL.