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It has been a couple of adventurous days here, both on my bus and at my house.

Let me start at my house as it is probably the more humorous and that tend to be my favorite stories.

Last Sunday, I lost my cell phone. We searched and searched. I probably searched our house over 6 hours. We cleaned places that would have otherwise never been cleaned looking for the phone. I know Kyra likes playing with it and so sometimes she hides things well. (She out did herself this time.) Anyways…we tried calling the phone and it would go straight to voice mail, so that was no use.

I gave up on finding the phone and ordered a replacement phone on ebay. It was shipped and I got it yesterday. I went to the Cingular store and had it turned on. It is great. Probably better than the one that it replaced, truthfully.

We had our septic tank emptied in the yard. That costed $140, but oh well. It needed done anyways.

Oh yes on, too the punch line. My phone was stuck in the toilet because my little girl plays with it and climbs things and likes putting things where they shouldn’t be. I have a ton of new knowledge now which I will pass on to anyone who needs to know. For example now I know — a Motorola T720 style flip phones do not fit through a toilet and once it is lodged in there it does not come out the very way it went in. A new toilet is required. However, you can force everything else you want to go down the toilet around them and it will work for about a 6 days with normal use.

In the photo above you see the hole where my toilet once was on the right, and my toilet upside down in my bathtub on the left. There I am cleaning the wax stuff off the bottom with one of my kitchen utensils and pretty much laughing as I see my phone in the base there lodged tightly. We tried everything to get that phone out and even got 2nd and 3rd opinions. There is a neighborhood concenus, we aren’t going to get the phone out. So as of now, the old toilet is outside in the yard with the phone still in it and I am off to Lowes in the morning to get a new toilet bowl.

The whole ordeal will have costed us about $300 in the end. We had our septic pumped, got a new cell phone, and a new toilet.

Am I now officially annointed as a parent???

Here is the story of another man and his young baby versus the cell phone in toilet. He is a much more elequent writer and he figured out that the cell phone was in there right away. I waited a week, but it is a good laugh. I found that story when I was searching the internet for advice on how to clear this phone out of the curved pipe mabob thing under the toilet. I love how he calls his son the little scientist, as I have done that to Kyra many many time. I always tell her she is doing physics experiments and quote her Newton when she drops stuff.

Ok, so I am going to end this post. I am going to start another one almost immediately though, to keep an update on my bus stuff. It is crazy fun too.