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Here is Kyra at the park today. It was with the MOMS Club today. There were a lot of kids there today, more than the last time we went. Kyra was playing really good, but some of the time she just looked lost. She would follow one kid one way and they would go faster than her, she would just stand and watch them. Then another would come around her and play with her a few seconds and she would follow them, but than they were gone. I know she is going to be the one these little ones are envious of as she really does just go and go. She can do everything at the park basically but she goes somewhat slower.

She refused to go in the bus today. I think that is the first time she has done that. She wanted to stay with Adam, so she did. Usually she is wanting to go and it is the other way around. Adam played her out too because she was in bed before 7. I am okay with her staying home with him more, but she is also good to go. I like being with her.

Well, that is all for my boring life as of now. Night…