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20070902_04812p I love this little walking park.  It is called the “Peace Garden” and it is so neat.  It is tiny, but so nice.  There was  a lady there weeding and stuff she told me her daughter was getting married there in a week.  It would be a cool place to be married.  Anyways for me, it is a cool place to take pictures of Kyra.  The background is perfect from almost any angle.  I also love this little fake walking bridge which happens to be where all my favorite pictures were shot today.  There isn’t any water under this, there isn’t anything under it.  I guess it is just there for looks.

20070902_05012p Kyra likes playing on this too, so it is a perk for both of us.  Look at this smile…

20070902_06212p The last one here is my absolute favorite.  It is the action shot…my camera generally sucks at action shots.  You can see she looks like she is levitating though by looking at her shoes not touching the ground.  She is fascinated with jumping and has just figured out how exactly it works.  This is her jumping.

20070902_06301pWe went and had ice cream after the park. They had 6 varieties of sugar-free which Stan can eat.  I was sort of impressed by that.  He got Moose Tracks in sugar free.  It was delicious though.

We came home and the rest of the day was rather dull.  I picked corn from the garden and ate it.  My ears average about 2 inches long, so I had to pick a whole row to get enough for a meal.  I put them in the pan up and down and fit 22 ears in my one little pan.  Kyra loves corn, so she ate 5 ears.  LOL…  I ate something like 15.  Doesn’t that sound like a ton??  They were quite literally 2 inches mostly.

We went and fed our corn husks to the horses then went down to Robins.  You know what she was doing??  Cutting corn off the cobs and freezing it.  She freezes it raw basically…well, she microwaves it with a hunk of butter on it, but in the bag and ready to toss in the freezer.  She says that is the very best way to do it and she has tried all the ways.  We always cooked it when we froze it.

We came home, watched Confessions of a Matchmaker and Kyra went to sleep.  I came here…and here I am.  I am going to bed momentarily though.  No school tomorrow, but I wish there were…it is too soon to have a day off already.   Good Night…