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Here are some park pictures as promised only a day late. This is Kyra on the little spring duck. She likes that thing and even shakes it herself. It is pretty fun.

Here is her sliding down the big slide for the first time. She loves the little slides and will go up and come down them all by herself. The big slide you have to take her upto because there is a bridge to go across to get to it. As you can tell she really liked it.

The frame on that one I did. It is supposed to look different though. I sort of messed it up. Here is how it was supposed to look, but on a different picture.

We went to the big spring lake or whatever the other day as well, same day we went to park. Here is a picture of this duck. It kept chasing us thinking we were going to feed it. It kept biting at Kyra’s feet. I think the flower on her shoes attracted it. It was funny though because Kyra would get all scared and than laugh.

Well…there you have it more pictures. I might post later today. We are going to do my Radio Shack job this evening and go out to dinner at Red Robin, so who knows what I will get done.