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Come on people enter for my M&M’s…. I don’t want to be drawing one of three.

Ok, now that I have that out of the way.

Today was great, great, great…. this morning my routes went perfectly.  There was a student removed from my routes that is making my total route time about 10 minutes shorter, which has me happy.  It all pays the same sad wage no matter the time it takes.

20071029_00310p There Tori and Holly that ride my bus one this sort of competition in one of their classes, I not exactly sure what all the prizes were, but the class was observing children at different stages of development.  Kyra was the 2 year old guinea pig this morning.

They had all sort of fun things for her to do, play-doh, puzzles, a baby, trucks, they read a story, they even gave her a snack.  There was a 4 year old experiment kiddo as well.  They were observing the kids behavior and taking notes.  It was interesting to watch.

So that was a pretty fun way to spend 2 hours.  I had never even stepped foot into the school as well, so I actually went in quite a ways.  The halls are narrow.  I didn’t go to this school, but I don’t remember them being so narrow in my schools.

Kyra and I went to lunch afterwards, it has been a very long time since it was just me and her for lunch.  I really enjoyed that. 

We went to Walmart and bought our new electric socket as well for our bathroom.  I deposited the rent check for my room as well.  I feel rich, but I mailed the house payment as well which will use most of that.  I am beginning to get ahead though, it is a step.