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Oh, it was so exciting.  Kyra’s first time…woo hoo!  I think we got 10 lbs of candy, so  good take.

20071030_02906a Here she is…the backside.  She was a ladybug of course….aaawww!

20071030_02606a We went with Asheley, her mom drives bus with me.  We are good friends. She was a dead cheerleader…she doesn’t look very dead though only maimed.  LOL..  I loved her hair though, her natural hair is jet black, so seeing it what and lighter was interesting.  She is such a cutie.

20071030_03106a We went with Tori, Ashanica, and Haley as well.  It was a pile of candy that was given up when we showed up.  Here is the group photo…  Tori and Ashanica ride my bus, while Haley is a friend of them whom I had never met.  Nice girl though.  Tori is the girl that took Kyra to school today.  They also occasionally babysit her, but not to often…. I generally don’t do anything much as you know if you read this site.  ha ha.. 

Anyways, it was so much fun.  I have never been trick or treating in this sense of walking up to a complete strangers door.  It was very interesting, fun, exciting…all that wrapped up into one.  I went trick or treating only a family houses when I was a kid and many years well my parents bought us off instead of going.  I guess it was okay though.

Tonight though, Kyra was so cute.  She would walk up to the door with the big girls and say “Hi”, she is having a hard time getting out trick or treat, so just gave up.  Almost everyone would say “hi” back to her.  She would also say “Thank You” on her own when they gave her candy.  It is amazing how fast she learns because after about 3 houses she was on a role.

It was fun though.  We will do it again next year surely.  Oh, and I left the candy in the car for tonight we ate enough, so tomorrow I will have some fun sorting out the goodies.

Have a wonderful night.  Happy Halloween…

headtail Oh yeah and the Heads or Tails theme this week was Halloween, so I am going to lazy out and make this one count.  Hope that okay Skittles…lazy me.  Aaahhh!  Night….