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So my car won’t start again, Adam tells me to wiggle the battery cables.  ha ha… I say “No” and his reply is “What happen to you, you used to be the one to take care of things”.  Does he deserve to be punched or what??  LOL… 

20070621_01605pKyra thinks that she is starved here.  She didn’t eat anything that I made basically, so she went roving into the fridge on her own.  I made a grilled fish, which was pretty good. 

20070621_00812pShe took a 20 minute nap.  It was very peaceful for that time.   

20070621_01304pWhere did she learn to do this though??

So Stan has this lady come every week and she cleans his room and washes his feet and stuff like that.  It is nice.  Anyways, she came and was leaving.  Stan was eating and his plate just sort of dropped.  The lady said Bye and all that and left and Stan didn’t say bye.  I thought it was weird, so I started poking at him.  I went and checked his sugar and it was down again.  He sat there and passed out, he doesn’t remember the lady leaving or anything.  I gave him maple syrup and orange juice, he came back around and he actually finished eating his plate clean.  It was scary, weird, and all those things mixed together.  The part that really is scary is he didn’t even know what was going on while it was going on.  He didn’t say like anything, no Aaaahhhh! or nothing.

Anyways, I guess it only matters that he came back too.  I called the doctors, but they didn’t really have an answer.  It is like this sort of thing just happens, so who knows.  We go to doctors tomorrow, so will they do something different with his meds??  I am guessing that they will.

Tom came out and visited.  He gave Kyra an I Spy books.  I think those will be pretty fun too.  Kyra doesn’t get them really well yet though.  Tom watched TV with Kyra for a bit.

Kyra now is enjoying things like Barney, which is a complete mystery to me.  Barney???    Aaaaahhhhhh!  He is what I imagine a dinosaur would have been like on crack.  It is crazy, how can my kid be drawn to this show of all the kids shows??  I tried to get her to watch the stupid “Blues Clues” but she didn’t like that.

Well, that is my day.  I have a very busy day for tomorrow with many doctors office visits and Stan is doing his sleep test at the hospital, so he will be overnight there.  I think I will go to bed early.