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Well, after the funeral today turned into a day of phone calls.  I got Stan his sleep test rescheduled. 

Stan bought a personal stereo thing last week that the cord didn’t come with.  I would have taken it back, but he ripped the box to shreds and I would be embarrassed to walk into the store with it.  I instead called the manufacturer and they are sending us a cord right out.  Woo Hoo!

I called and left a message with his medicaid lady.  She wasn’t in, so she will probably call early tomorrow.  She seems to never be in during the afternoons and will call really early the next day.

I also got a call into the most helpful lawyer, he was an intellectual property attorney. There is his website.  He gave me some advise on the copyright issue that I am having with another blogger, all good news of course.  

He also gave me some advise about a bit of an invention that I am working on.  Well, not so much working on…I am broke remember.   He suggested some books for me to read and said it was a great project.  That made me smile very widely.  I do hope that this link there will get him some traffic…it is most certainly not paid for.

I gave him my website too, so maybe he will come over and check out around here at the normal life of a school bus driver.  LOL….  It would be an honor.

I am now working on transferring my articles to my own name on my other site Too Much Truth.  These aren’t exactly the type of articles I envision for this site, but hey….I wrote them.  They are truths.  I have them still on my computer from when I wrote them, so the whole transfer takes less than a minute.  It takes longer to open them then the rest of the process.

I than watched 3 shows of CSI back to back with Stan.  LOL… Can you get more boring than that??