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This is a sponsored post***

As most of you know, I am a PayPerPost user. You don’t see a ton of their posts on my site though as I don’t post things I don’t really like or want to talk about. My only goal is really to cover my hosting plan each month via PayPerPost postings.

What does that mean, well. Now that my page has improved it’s rankings. I really only have to do one posting a month to cover my goal. I still usually do 2 a month though because that isn’t that many and I can use a few extra dollars.

I have made $99.51 since being with them beginning on December 21, 2006. This post right now will bring that total over the hundred mark. Woo Hoo huh?

I like PayPerPost though and my experiences with them have been great. They pay instantly when the 30 days are up. PayPal does not take any fees from your payments. There seems to be a variety of post items available, but this varies by time and day of the week. I think ever since they started this $1000 dollar Tuesday thing, that Tuesday’s are super busy.

Well, like I said. I like them and if you are a blogger or advertiser for that matter and would like to advertise or have something advertised for you, check out PayPerPost for all your blog marketing needs.