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Well, today was a day. It was very peaceful actually though. That is very strange for Christmas Eve, usually we have hustle and bustle and travel. I have a suggestion to everyone on the world though, stay home one year. You will like it… The exhausting feeling of rush just for Christmas is crazy. Enjoy your family all the time, not just for a day. That way the rustle of Christmas time will be just like any other day and not such a stressful hustle. I bet there are a ton of people out there just wishing for this holiday to be over. Well, I guess tomorrow it will be. for one this year am sort of sad that it will be gone. I am looking forward to playing with Kyra’s toys though still, so that is good.

I think I will look forward to Christmas now for the rest of my life. I think maybe I will go to my extended family for Easter and not Christmas again. I will forever just send cash. I mean who doesn’t like a little extra money for those holiday bills. Christmas from now on though will just be our little family time for us. It will be a break from hustle and bustle or a like a time out in life to smell the roses or in this case a pine tree covered in fake silver icicles., for some reason this morning Kyra wasn’t sleeping so well. She doesn’t feel all that great. So she was fussing and got up at 5 or so. Adam got up with her, so I don’t really remember all that much. She came back to bed though at about 6:30 or so. I still was sleeping and we slept until 9 when we had a bang on the door. It was my brother-in-law (the one in the photo with the great hands…), he said he was going to come after sleeping in. I guess 8 is sleeping in to him. He wakes up for work at 4. I thought he would be later. But…he was here.

We made a pact not to buy gifts for each other though and to only buy for Kyra, so that is what he did and we did. So here is Kyra opening her gift from him. I think I will send him shopping for her more often as he did better than I did probably. He got her a little box with different shaped wooden blocks that fit in the wholes on it, a number matching puzzle, and a Little Bookworm talking book. We played with them for quite awhile.

Than we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. We went to Walmart after and bought a few more things to donate to Santa and a few air mattresses, so we are set for when more of our family comes next month. We have 2 twin mattresses and a queen sized one. We bought a ham to eat tomorrow, so we will have ham and vegetables and stuff. No big deal…peaceful. Do you see a theme here?? LOL…

I trimmed the apple trees more when we got home. It is exhausting work sawing off limbs, but I swear this year they are all getting fully trimmed. I took a nap with Kyra, but Kyra didn’t wake up yet, so now I am getting ready for a rough night of no sleep. I hate when we do this, but it is okay this week there isn’t any school.

We watched a movie after that “Last Holiday” from our Netflix. I called the extended family and wished them the best.

Well, that is all. Happy Holiday’s to everyone out there. I hope you the peacefulness that I have this year. Bye….Night….