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My brother came back last night, so I didn’t get a chance to post.  I was to busy chatting.  LOL…

It was more peaceful yesterday morning than even I imagined without the 5th grade, so this makes me have some hope for next year.  I hope I get some nice new little ones with this bunch.

20070604_00508p There is a meme going around somewhere showing off work areas.  I submitted a link that showed like my whole basement, well.  Here is a better on of my normal work area with cat and all.

20070605_06804p Yesterday was very peaceful.  I basically did only normal house stuff and drove.  Kyra was smashing her baby in her chair though, which was pretty cute.  I would cry for the baby and she would laugh.  Yeah, the baby is under there in the yellow thing.

20070605_06904p Don’t worry though she kissed the baby and made it all better.  The baby is unhurt.  LOL…

20070606_13208a Here is a good picture of the girls together.  We have a bit of a park day planned for today, so it should be pretty fun.  We are going to take lots of pictures, so  woo hoo.  Well, I am going off to visit more.  They are leaving tonight, so I will be back as normal.