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Yes, it is November 4th.  I know… it was nice out though and I had an invite to go peddle boating today and I thought what the heck.  I am going to go, so that is just what I did.  It had dual purpose though as I am working on a project with Robert, so meeting up and going peddle boating can be a fun bonus.

Kyra and Stephen went with, which was good.  They both behaved very well.  LOl..

20071104_01404p Here is the project I am working on, well the slag of it.  The photos of the slag turned out better than the actual piece photos.  It is a piece of Iron from the Gap Nickel Mine though.  The piece that I am going to be working on selling it is about 350 lbs.  It has a value of something like $5,000 though as scrap, so I am hoping to be able to sell it as a historical piece of history for much more than that.  If it gets over $10,000.  I am going on a rock hunting trip to Vegas.  Oh, I want to go out there again…it would be so fun.

20071104_01004p Kyra was having fun playing with Jessica while we were talking and I got to look at all his collection.  I haven’t been up there in like forever, so it was good.

It is also really cool for Stephen to meet my older guy friends.  I think I am so strange because I don’t really have girls as friends.  I am not all into girly things, so it seems like all my friends are guys.  I don’t really have many friends my age either, which maybe is sort of strange.  Who knows??  That is just me.

We went and had wings and fries at Robin’s bar afterward.  Stephen had never been to her bar, so now he knows where to find some good wings.  It is great that he liked them because they are like one of  my favorite things.  I was in there a few weeks ago and so disappointed when they told me that they were out of wings.  I had that craving in the back on my mind since… I love the wings. 

 I did really enjoy that extra hour of sleep last night.  It was nice.  I got all my clocks changed around.  

20071104_00108aWe drew for about an hour this morning.  Kyra can draw some pretty nice circles.  Yeah, quit laughing.  She draws circles.  Blah…she is 2.  She can say her ABC’s only to D now, so a one letter improvement on that.  I think when she gets to G though, she will take off quicker.  She can count to 4, but can do 8-14 as well.  She usually starts her counting at 8 instead of one though. 

All in all, it was a pretty great Sunday.  It has actually been a very good week, so this was hopefully a start to another great week.  Do weeks start on Sunday??

I hope your day was just as nice.  Good Night…