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20070912_01912p   20070803_00203p Today over at Skittles, she is asking us to write about either Pets or Pet Peeves for our Heads or Tails Tuesday posting.  Well, as you all know I have the cutest pig and the cutest cat ever as pets.  I am though choosing pet peeves because I don’t think I ever have talked about that.

Pet Peeves

headtail Well, my pet peeve is cracking knuckles.  Oh, I hate it.  It gives me the creepy crawly’s.  How can anyone do that to themselves and think that it feels good. 

Here is a good quote from Providence Health.

Nature did not intend us to repeatedly stretch the ligaments of the finger joints. I found two medical articles that talked about patients who had injured their hands from knuckle cracking. One over-stretched his ligaments and dislocated his fingers. Another partially tore the ligament in her thumb.

To be fair, it also says that it isn’t bad for you either.  There is no definitive research on the good or bad of this habit.

This I do know though, don’t do it in front of me.