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I don’t have the photos I promised.  I got some cell phone pictures of Marilyn, but the camera stayed in the car.  Why you probably ask?  My camera weighs over 2 lbs first off and secondly we weren’t in an area I felt comfortable just carrying it around.

The concert was really fun.  The audience is crazy though.  I never been to a concert where everyone was fighting to get to the front like they were here.  They made it suck somewhat because you had to be paying attention to the people around you or you would be slammed into this wall that we were next too.  It made you not fully concentrate on the concert which is what I was there to do.  He is a great artist though and it was really fun. 

If I would go again, I would get seats upstairs where it looked much calmer.  I might just be woosey though because those ladies that were riding on top of the crowd and ultimately landed on there heads did get up smiling almost every time from what I could see.

It was fun though.  When we got out all the taxi’s were gone or not there yet, we had planned on taking a taxi.   We just walked to where we were going though amazing that we found it.  It was 15 blocks.  Yeah that is 15 blocks for us in short sleeve shirts, late at night, in January in Philadelphia. Philadelphia at a place we both had only been to one time.  Stephen had never been to Philadelphia at all ever before.   We were freezing.  LOL…  It was fun though.  LOL…

I had thought we were going to go to traditional tourist places, like the liberty bell and stuff like that.  We ended up not doing anything that I thought we would.  We were staying with Stephen’s best friend all through high school and he got off early from work to show us around.

That was very very cool, so all day Monday instead of touring lost.  We sort of had a guide.  Well, we did a self guided tour for the morning, we walked and walked and walked.  Than we found our way back amazingly without a taxi.  We were in a mall, a few art and theatre places like the Kimmel Center.  When they got to our guided tour, we went a different direction to a different mall, a 2 story Staples, we ate at Olive Garden.  We got cocoa at this place called Naked Chocolate, which this was essentially expensive chocolate melted in a cup to drink.  It was so rich.  LOL…  I think I walked a few miles that day.  My feet are still slightly sore.

We left there at like 7 pm and were home at like 10:30 after picking up Kyra.  I went straight to bed basically.  Kyra was sleep before we got here of course.