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Today was pretty standard, except it was over 70 degrees out.  Yeah, that is right over 70 degrees out and yes, it was less than a week ago that we were shoveling snow.  Here is that post.

Adam cleaned the barn out.  There was a wall of cement blocks and hay across here before because the babies were born out here.  He took all that down and swept and all.  It looks really nice.

    So I did my work today, no big deal.  It was so nice outside though that we took another walk.  The difference between today and yesterday is that we went by ourselves and we took the camera with the whole time and well look out if my camera is in my hands. Kyra stopped and through stones at each driveway we passed.  Yeah, we know this is probably a bad habit, but she likes it.  We will learn when a stone goes through our house window.

  I think this shot is just so great.  LOL…Aren’t they so cute.

This shed I just thought looked cool even though it is old and sort of ugly in real life.  It looks like art though on a picture.  I know weird.  This is the donkey’s that live in it.  The one made that whatever it is that donkey’s make sound while Kyra was there.  It was rather interesting her reaction, she sort of had this look of shock on her face.  She is now trying to imitate it.  She has the cow moo pretty well down.

This tree has the most poison ivy I have ever seen in my life, so I took it’s picture.  Yes, those yucky stringy thick vines going up the side are poison.  Blah…

As I already told you, it was 70 degrees today.  There were little piles of snow along the road though, so this is Kyra standing in one of those piles.  The last snow I think you will see on this site for quite awhile, so take a look…SNOW!  ooohhhh ahhhh.

Kyra karate chopping the sunset. 


Yes, I was there too.  I got my nose honked quite a few times.

In closing the sunset.  Don’t you feel great now.  LOL… A nice refreshing walk at the end of the day.  I hope I get these for the rest of the springtime.  I guess I will use my treadmill on days without walking weather, but this was great.  We walked about 2 miles.  I think Kyra actually walked a mile of it.  She does great.