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We went for a drive on Friday. It was sort of nice we went to dinner and just drove on back roads taking pictures every so often. This is one of the ones that I took. I think it looks really cool with the rocks like that in the middle of a goat pasture. I can’t believe that these tree have already lost all there leaves, does that mean and early winter?? The trees in my front yard have almost lost all there leaves too, but most trees haven’t even started to change yet. It is so strange.

Here is Kyra during the drive. Adam was holding her out the roof window as I was taking pictures. She was loving it. You can tell by her face. LOL…

Here is another picture that I took. This tree was very pretty.

We ate dinner at Victor’s. It took over 40 minutes to get our food though, so that was sad. Kyra was so ready to leave by the time we were done. She fell asleep on the way home.

Well, I am probably going to post again later today. I have pictures from the rock auction we went to yesterday, but haven’t taken them out of the camera yet.