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20071211_00409a First off, I’ll show you my cute little Christmas tree.  This was before it had lights on it.  It now has lights.  I still haven’t a clue where all my Christmas decorations are though, so it is looking cute, but sad.  I have searched and searched.  I wonder if Adam took them accidentally…but who knows.  It has lights and some decorations now and some red and silver icicles stuff.  It looks big from outside too because it is on a table.  LOL…  It is like 4 feet tall.

20071211_00606p This is part of the mess that Kyra made the other night while I was in the room.  She poured the milk in the glass and about 1/4 of that total Nesquik container in there.  She transferred it to a bowl at one point and microwaved it, so it was all over the place messy.  She is forgiven though it is all cleaned up.

20071212_00709a Here she is on the phone like she is always.  She is obsessed with talking on the phone and will talk to absolutely anyone.

20071212_01201p Here is her on the phone again, but when she says “Good Bye” there is usually a kiss coming afterwards, so this is during the kiss part.  She is really quite good at it.  I think her dad taught her this one though as I don’t kiss the phone.

My divorce signing is scheduled for noon tomorrow, so this time it should go through.  It is supposed to be nice through tonight, so school will probably go as scheduled.  Today was just a messed up day.  I should have trekked to put some more resumes into circulation, so am feeling badly for that.  I guess 3 online isn’t so bad though.

I watched Lord of the Rings The 2 Towers tonight…that is a long movie.  I like that little weird guy that acts as the guide.  He is pretty cute.  LOL…

Well, I am off to bed.  Have a great night.