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20071111_02301p Today was a great day.  Way better than yesterday….  I hope that this new day schedule doesn’t make all my Saturday’s crazy like yesterday.  Here is a good photo of us, I set the auto-timer on the couch with us sitting on the floor.  I was noticing that I haven’t posted a photo in a few days…why I have no idea as I have taken them.

This can also be the hint to the photo pictures below…. See Kyra.  LOL…  She is the one with the shirt.  Sorry Wander… you picked Haley.  The girls both have about the same color eyes.  The difference in them is in their chins.  Haley has a pointy chin and Kyra has more of a square chin.  There hair is different too, but hard to tell from photos.  Kyra just seems to have more though because she is older, I think.

Haley11071 Here is another Haley photo.  This is her with my brother (her dad).  He sent me photos last night of them and I loved this one.  They do fun stuff with Haley’s hair too.  Kyra would have that ponytail thing out in 2.1 seconds.  Aren’t they cute though…. These photos make me smile.  I know that.

20071111_02801p Here is a photo of Kyra sitting on Stan.  I haven’t put him on here in awhile either, so I am out doing myself today.  They were reading books together today which was pretty cute.

20071111_03803p Here is Kyra with her baby.  She was kissing the baby, but I am to slow with the shutter to get the action when it happens.  Oh, how she loves her babies though.  She has so many of them.  Deuce seems to only want to eat the actual Barbie ones though, so the others are pretty safe.

20071111_03003p Here is one last one of Kyra from today.  I took more after I loaded these ones up, so maybe tomorrow you will see more. 

There was that figure skating special on TV and they spin on the ice.  Kyra just loves it, she was sort of freaking out and laughing and dancing the whole show.  It makes me laugh so hard, so I was taking pictures of her…that will be for tomorrow though.  LOL…  She is actually becoming a pretty good dancer though.  She does sort of go with the music, she randomly starts just spinning though or jumping on the bed.

20071111_00601p Last photo… we can’t leave out Deuce.  He was good all day. 

I visited with Robin this evening, but other than that I haven’t went anywhere today.  I haven’t been down there in a week or so.  It was good to visit with her as usual. 

I did some strange (for me) cleaning things like I mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors. I did laundry.  I washed my sheets again and am completely done with my laundry.  I even have the dryer totally empty now.  Usually there is a load dry in the dryer and a washed one in the washer and I just keep cycling them out without either every being empty.  Today is a rare day.

Tomorrow there is no school, but I think I will have about the busiest day I have had in a whole long while.  Stan’s brother is coming to visit for one thing, which will make the day very crazy.  I am for this reason going to go to bed early.  Have a great night…