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Here is sort of a picture update from today. This first picture is what I see when Kyra first wakes up almost every time she first wakes up. She screams and then I go to the bedroom and this is my view. It is sort of how I feel when I just wake up, only no one is ever there to hold me. Kyra is very cuddly when she first wakes up. next one here is her stare. I never get this look and I thought this picture would go well with the pictures from my last post. This is the stare that only strangers get. It is sort of her who are you looking at stare or quit looking at me. I am not sure what she is thinking when she does this look, but sometimes on rare occasions her lips will start quivering and she will let out a scream like you haven’t ever heard. That is really funny when she does that, but it is rare. is Kyra with our cat. Oh, how Kyra loves the cat. The cat not so much for Kyra. She is getting better though, the cat that is. She will let Kyra pet her if I am there to protect her and tell Kyra to be nice usually. last one is Kyra on the bench by the fire pit at our neighbors. We were just playing outside. Kyra doesn’t know the property lines, so we sort of play in the whole area of our neighbors yards on both sides.

Well, there you have it the full photo update of today. It was a good day.