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Here is a picture of an old barn that I took the other day. I think that this barn is just beautiful and I love taking it’s picture because it will look so different in years to come.

I however think that most people think I am crazy and maybe you can tell me that you don’t. You see a car on the side of the road with a sleeping baby in it and a lady standing in front of it with a camera on a tripod taking pictures. Is the lady nuts?? Well, I hope not because the lady is me and I sure do enjoy taking the photos. Sometimes I feel crazy though and like I must be the only person on earth with this hobby. Kyra was taking a very good nap, so we drove around for a few hours while she slept and I took pictures of various places.

I sort of do this on weekends because she is so used to going on weekdays in the bus it throws her off if she doesn’t go somewhere. It sort of throws me off too actually. I like going. Kyra and I usually go to the mall and shop after that she takes a nap and I take pictures like this one.

Well…that is all for now. Night. Posted by Picasa