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Here we are today. We went to the Nature Center where they are displaying entries to there photo contest. We didn’t win, but doesn’t our picture look nice?? It is the one right beside us with the boardwalk on it. I have never seen my own picture in a display before, so it was really fun.

Other than that our day was pretty boring, so when this happens. I figure I will go to the news for something to write about. I know everyone out there just wants to hear me ramble about something newsworthy.

Here is a sort of funny headline paragraph:

Most Italians feel more guilty about over-eating than they do about cheating on their partners, a survey has found, suggesting that people in Casanova’s native land care more about staying slim than staying faithful.

I found this very interesting for today’s headline. I wonder if that goes for all nationalities. I personally don’t worry about either subject as I would never be unfaithful, so nothing to worry about and I have never been slim enough to worry about staying there. It was just interesting, let me find something I have more of opinion on.

The tax trial is starting for Richard Hatch who won Survivor Show #1, but failed to pay his taxes. This one is a hoot to me. How can a person scheme and squirm his way survive on an island that long win a million dollars and than be stupid enough to not pay the taxes thinking the IRS won’t remember?? I hope the government takes at least 1/2 it back, reduce the national debt a little. He obviously is to stupid for that type of money.

Well that is enough of me to today.

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