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Here it is! Ok, so my cheesy mashed potatoes are runny and I like ketchup. My first time ever making meatloaf turned out pretty darn good tasting, but not so good looking. I ate my whole plate full. I hardly ever do that. I hardly ever eat at the kitchen table too. We should do that more. It is sort of nice.

Today was a good day.

I sort of ended strange yesterday, not that I know if there is a specific way to end. I just sort of stopped midstream talking though. My phone rang, so I just hit publish since I was almost done. I got the phone. I guess I usually try to end by saying “Night”.

Now, tomorrow I go to the bank to get my money for my furnace. I am getting a home equity thing so I can write off the interest. Well anyways, I got a check in my mail today from one of my credit cards. How did they know I needed exactly $4,000??? Because that is what the check was for. It is sort of spooky to me. Are they reading my blog?? They had to have mailed that check the same day that I got the furnace installed. Are they jinxing me??

I took tons of pictures today. That is a good thing. I got a digital data bank so I can keep shooting after my card is full a few days ago. (The data bank reads my card and empties it so I can use again. It is size of palm pilot about.) I have changed to taking RAW photos, but they are confusing. I have to use a conversion program to change them over to TIFF files. It seems to me a lot of work for little output inprovement. I like the perfect picture and all, but goodness. Maybe I will get better at it and it will go faster.

I now need to get a telephoto lens. There are somethings I want to take pictures of that I just can’t get close too. This lens is $400 from Sony, but I think I can get it cheaper on eBay. I need to save some more though and get my bills under control again. It will take a bit, probably will be close to when I get my tax return.

I am excited about my return. I hope I get enough to pay for my furnace. I now have Kyra, so that should be a good discount for us broke folks.

There should be a simpler way to do have taxes done though. Why don’t they just take the right amount instead of us having to figure every year?? Why not just make a X amount percentage federal sales tax? They would get more money from people with more money and less money from people with less money this way and it would be about even. The way it is now the people with more money get more of a discount and the people with no money get free money. It is all us in the middle that pay pretty much. We don’t get any discounts and we don’t qualify for handouts. Not that I want a handout…..I just want a fair system.

Okay back to picture taking. I took pictures today of a church, a cemetery, a boarded up building, and some landscapes. Oh, and I always take pictures of Kyra. I think I have one everyday since she was born except 2 weeks while my camera was being repaired.

Well, I went blank so that is it for tonight. Night. Posted by Picasa