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I should be in bed already, but I am going to do a quick post anyways.  Ha..

Today was a fun day.  I played and played and played.  I did pretty good on my reading too.  I locked Kyra in the desk drawer for awhile, she was laughing and laughing.  Here she is coming out.  She hasn’t figured it out that it is just a magnet that holds her in there and screams when she wants out.  LOL…  She won’t fit pretty soon though, she is growing so fast.

We were outside a ton today and I didn’t get sunburned.  That in itself is a miracle.

My bus routes are peaceful  with the younger ones off and I was sort of upset last week that they hadn’t talked to the older students that I had written up, but woo hoo as the younger ones come back on the bus the older ones are off the bus.  It should remain relatively peaceful into next week.  Only 15 more days left…

I am getting nervous for this weekend with my father-in-laws move.  I think I am doing the right thing and I think he will really like it here, and I don’t think I will mind him here at all.  I am now at the point where it is coming to reality and my mind is trying to second guess me though.

Next week is going to be total crazy.  I have my regular routes, Monday dentist appointments for all 3 of us, some bus safety training thing 5:30-9:00 at night on both Monday and Tuesday.  Than on Wednesday, I have my training for one of my new stores that I was assigned, so ultimately.  I won’t have time to think about my father-in-law all that much.  He will just be here relaxing in his new home for a few boring days.  Oh, but Adam will be here too.  Adam switched out his work schedule to be wtih Kyra for my evening training, so his work schedule is all messed up next week.

So anyways, it is going to be crazy.

Well, I am going to bed now.  Night…