Select Page Well, yesterday was something. LOL.. Kyra has a bit of a cold and didn’t bother to sleep on Thursday night. I have learned that Adam is the worst when he doesn’t get a full nights sleep. He was grumpy all night long staying up with Kyra so I could drive my bus in the morning. I think he knows it isn’t my fault that Kyra is awake, she just didn’t feel so good. He seems to take things out on me though, sometimes. We are working on this though, so hopefully improvement will be made in this area. He than got to sleep while I was gone and some when I got back. I tried to sleep when I got back too, but it was pretty much a lost cause. I did better than I had expected to though. I got through so that is the main part.

Well, than last night Sara asked me to designated drive for her. I should have said “No”. I was dead tired, but I couldn’t sleep so I went ahead and did it. We didn’t get back until 2:20 though and Sara still wanted to keep going. It was crazy…

When I finally did get to sleep. I was out cold, like a rock. I could have slept so much longer than I did. However, I feel good right now, so I must have slept enough.

That was yesterday. While going to go designated driving I discovered that I lost my drivers license. Well, after thinking every possible scenario of what I could have done with it. I decided that I throw it away at Arby’s when I went for my random drug test. This my scenario that I am going with…I went this morning and got a new copy of my drivers license and ordered a new ATM card. It would be so so cool to find them now though. There was like $20 or so in cash in my wallet too. That was all though..I only carry those two cards with me and my money. It was $15 though for my new license and $5 for my new ATM that will be coming.

We went to Petsmart after this and I bought a new molly which I needed like a whole in the head. Oh well, he is bright orange in color. I want to get my fish to produce more bright colors, so hopefully this male will do the job. He is really bright compared to my other orange fish. He is having a rough time right now though with the other fish sort of being aggressive with him. I hope he makes it okay. is Kyra eating with a fork. We had Au Gratin Potatoes. She loved them. She ate almost more than me.

After eating, we played and played and played. I probably played with her more today than I have in the last few days combined. It was sort of fun. We played chase, peek-a-boo, play dead, ball, hide under the blanket, jump on the bed, try to bite mom’s nose, oh, just all the games that 1 year old people love. Kyra laughed so much…

All this playing really got her tired. So now she is napping like mad. She is going to take a full 2 hour nap easy. When she wakes up they are having a bon fire and pig roast next door for Steven’s birthday, so we are going to head over there. It is sort of cool out, so I will be bundling her up more than she has been in a while. I may even just put her in her frog suit. It is really warm. We won’t be there to long though. I have had enough of being around drunk people for a few days.

Well, there you have it an update. I am on my way to find the warm clothes. Kyra will be up soon. Bye….